Basic Criteria (Gender/Age)

Healthy Males and Females, 18-55 years of age 18.5-29.9 kg/m² BMI Non-tobacco/nicotine using *BONUS VIP* 2 VIP stamps for participation in this study! Paid Screening

Study Type


Drug Type

Fixed Dose Combination Tablet



Screening Date(s)

Tues, 27-Sep
Wed, 28-Sep
Thur, 29-Sep
Fri, 30-Sep
Mon, 03-Oct
Tue, 04-Oct

Limited Appointments Available
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3 Weeks

Study Date(s)

Period 1

Check-In: Thur, 06-Oct-2022 Check-Out: Sat, 08-Oct-2022

Period 2

Check-In: Thur, 17-Oct-2022 Check-Out: Sat, 19-Oct-2022

Return Visit(s)

4 per period

Period 1: Sun, 09-Oct (AM)

Period 2: Mon, 10-Oct (AM)

Period 3: Tues, 11-Oct (AM)

Period 4: Wed, 12-Oct (AM)

Period 5: Thur, 20-Oct(AM)

Period 6: Fri, 21-Oct (AM)

Period 7: Sat, 22-Oct (AM)

Period 8: Sun, 23-Oct (AM)

Limited Appointments Available
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