Basic Criteria (Gender/Age)

Healthy Males and Females, 18-60 years of age 18.5-29.9 kg/m² BMI Non-Nicotine Users

Study Type


Drug Type

Fixed Dose Combination Tablet



Screening Date(s)

Mon Jan 16th, Tues Jan 17th, Wed Jan 18th, Thur Jan 19th, Fri Jan 20th, Mon Jan 23rd, Tues Jan 24th, Thur Jan 26th, Fri Jan 27th, Mon Jan 30th, Tues Jan 31st, Wed Feb 1st, Thur Feb 2nd, Fri Feb 3rd

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2 Weeks

Study Date(s)

Period 1

Check-In: Wed Feb 8th Check-Out: Fri Feb 10th

Period 2

Check-In: Wed Feb 15th Check-Out: Fri Feb 17th

Return Visit(s)

No Returns

Limited Appointments Available
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