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Novum, a leading U.S. clinical research company, tests new and generic medications.

Since 1972, clients have trusted us to conduct the clinical trials required before a drug goes to market.

Participant safety is ensured by our experienced teams of skilled physicians, nurses and technicians.

Our clinics provide comfortable lounges with access to computers, games, free WiFi, flat screen TVs and more.

Last year we paid over $6.6 million to participants of our research studies.

Interested in participating in clinical research studies that address specific medical conditions?

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We provide 24-hour security and medical staff during overnight stays.

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Located for Easy Access.

All clinics offer easy access to public transit and provide plenty of onsite parking.

Las Vegas

3760 Pecos McLeod
Las Vegas, NV 89121 (map)
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4840 23rd Avenue S
Fargo, ND 58104 (map)
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701.356.6290 (Direct)

1.877.58.NOVUM (66886)

You’ll enjoy the time spent at our comfortable facilities.

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Our clinics are safe and comfortable. Many of our qualified participants come back again and again for our studies. Novum participant lounges include:

  • Free computer access
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pool tables and games

Plus, each has comfortable furniture for relaxing and talking with new friends.

If you are interested in participating, check out our current list of research studies, register and one of our recruiters will contact you.

Located within walking distance to public transportation.

What is Novum?

Novum is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides research services to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. For over 40 years, Novum has been considered one of the world’s leaders in the conduct of clinical trials. Novum has completed over 3,000 studies for more than 300 pharmaceutical companies.

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What types of studies do you conduct?

We conduct three types of studies: Outpatient, Topical/Skin and PK-Bioequivalence. These studies can be as brief as two days or may last as long as three to six weeks. Some may require overnight stays and blood draws and others will not.

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What kinds of drugs do you test?

We test newly developed medications as well as new formulations and generic equivalents of medications already on the market. These can either be prescription or over-the-counter medications and could include tablets, capsules, nasal sprays, patches, skin creams, etc.

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What is the procedure for participating in a study?

After you’ve inquired by phone or through the website about being a study participant, you will be added to our participant database. A Novum recruiter will then contact you and ask you a few personal and general health questions. If you meet the criteria for one of our clinical studies, we will schedule your visit to the clinic for a screening appointment.
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What happens during the screening appointment?

The screening visit will include meeting with a medical staff member who will explain to you the details about the clinical research study and any known side effects associated with the drug being tested. After you have had time to read through the study information and all of your questions have been answered,we will ask you to sign the Informed Consent Form for the study.
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Do I have to have the particular condition that the drug is used to treat in order to participate in a study?

No, in most of our studies we are testing for absorption of the drug and we require healthy participants.

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Will I be paid?

Yes, our participants will be paid a study fee based upon the length and complexity of the study. If the study requires several visits you will be given a progress payment at each visit. The bulk of the money will be paid at the end of the study.

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Do study participants stay overnight?

Most of our studies involve an overnight stay. Some stays require only one night with us. Frequently, studies involve a number of overnight stays that extend over two or more visits. For example, you would arrive on a Friday evening and would leave on a Sunday morning for a total of two weekends.

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Will meals be provided during my stay?

Yes. Novum will provide all meals to you that we get catered in from various local restaurants. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening snack.

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What can I do during free time?

You will have lots of time to do many different activities. Clinics have an assortment of items for you to enjoy, including televisions, board games, video game players and computers. You can catch up on your reading, do homework or just play cards. Feel free to bring your personal tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.

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Can I leave the facility after checking in?

If you want to complete the study, once you are checked into a study you cannot leave to go to work or perform other outside activities. You can, of course, leave at any time but you will only be compensated for the time of the study you complete.

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I am a smoker; can I smoke during the study?

Many of our studies are now for non-smokers only. However, if smoking is allowed it will be limited to just a few special times each day and only in designated areas.

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Do I have to give blood?

While many studies do require small blood samples to be taken, we also regularly have studies where no blood samples are required.

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How do I get started?

You can either call us directly at one of the toll free numbers listed on the Clinics/Studies page or simply Register Now on this website and one of our recruiters will contact you.

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We have the most advanced clinical facilities and equipment.